BGG Fashion Model Application Info

We are growing and we are extending our modeling program!

If you would like to audition to be our BGG Fashion Model, please send us an email to

Please include information on why we should select you. 

Any relevant information is a big plus such as a resume, pictures, videos, portfolios, and any other relevant experience.

Models must have the ability to take quality photos and videos! 

Benefits of our program:

1. We provide you a special link and coupon code to you. If your friends, family, or customers make a purchase using this, we pay you 10% commission of that sale. Payment is paid to you via Paypal. 

2. We will be actively promoting you on Instagram.

3. You will be featured on our website as the product image you are modeling.Along with your coupon code for that item in the description.

4. We provide 24/7 support for our models if needed. We also assist you in helping you grow your Instagram. We provide you with tools, tricks, and tips to help you grow while you are with us. 

5. Other opportunities will come your way as there are model scouts, companies, and accounts that do shout outs who follow us. 

 6. We will host your own modeling portfolio on our website. Just provide us all the info pictures or videos you want on your page, and we will create it on your behalf. 

7. We will feature you on our monthly blog. Just send us the biography info you want on the blog. 

8. You will be featured on our IGTV and YouTube if willing to make videos for us. 

 9. We provide PhotoShoot video creations on modeling videos you submit to us. 


 Please note, we do not profit from this model program. It is designed as a helping tool for models that would like the opportunity to model and be discovered. 


1. All Models must make a minimum purchase of at least $20/ month. We will add free items to your order for you to model for us that will be included in your package as a thank you for your commitment to us.
2. You must be willing to post a few times a week promoting us whether it’s through a post or shout out, Story, etc.
3. Your bio must contain our link and you should have your coupon code in there as well to give our customers a discount. (There are some exceptions for this)
4. You must submit photos and video to us in a timely matter.
5. Must keep in contact with us and not be inactive or not communicate for long periods of time. 

6. Once you receive our products, it is your job to take pictures and/or video of you wearing that item. You must send these in a reasonable amount of time. We will then put you on our website and promote your coupon code for that item you are modeling in the description. This will also help your chances for more sales.

If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you will be on a VIP status and will receive additional benefits. 

We have the right to remove you from our program with or without notice if you are not following the rules as agreed on when you signed up.
This is a legitimate opportunity, this is for those that truly want to model and want to make money, this is not for those that only want free products. You must earn this. Any questions, please email us.

Must be 11 years of age or older and must have parents permission to join.